Certificates Awarded




Certificates awarded by the DGAC to Helicópteros de Guatemala:

  • Air Operator Certificate DGAC / 017-2003 
  • External Load Operating Certificate DGAC /CE-01-2004
  • Agricultural Aeronautic Operation Certificate DGAC/ AA-01-2004 

February 2005 in Anaheim

Helicópteros de Guatemala is proud to be the Latin-American Company and No. 32 in the world to receive the Platinum Program of Safety Award given by Helicopter Association International HAI. (February 2005; Anaheim, California).

February 2015

IS-BAO INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR BUSINESS AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS certification, the first one in a Latin-American level to be certified for implementing operational security standards. (February 2015).

April 2015

Certified by TRACE International and TRACE Incorporated. Entities with the common mission of advancing in the commercial transparency in at a global level. Helicópteros de Guatemala completed a diligent process of international acceptance and had a successful ending to the certification. Through the acquirement of this certification, the commitment to the commercial transparency is evident, which allows service and a rectification of its integrity.


Based on the document Num. 9859 of the OACI, Helicópteros de Guatemala has implemented the Safety Management Systems (SMS), being the first commercial business in the country with the approval of the first stage of the program by the DGAC of Guatemala and it’s currently in the development of the second stage.