Our History








Helicópteros de Guatemala, S.A. was founded in Guatemala on July 20th 1969 by Guatemalan entrepreneurs. . Today, with more than one hundred twenty-nine thousand (129,000) flight hours and  a 0.08% accident rate during our service history, we position ourselves as the leader and pioneer corporation of helicopters in the commercial service, with the highest experience in multi missions (different services of air transportation), using a fleet of self owned aircraft, with Guatemalan licenses.


Héctor Morataya Morales, founder of our business, began as an aerial fumigator. During a fixed wing flight he had the vision of flying in a rotary wing in order to be able to land in areas were there was no landing tracks. Our founder was the first Guatemalan to obtain the helicopter license in Guatemala; the second license preceded by a North American.


Currently the president and aviator pilot, Ricardo Morataya Terraza, leads our Corporation, with honesty and integrity, looking to maintain the highest standards of quality in an international level and complying with all the laws of civil aviation and the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC).











































  • Our Mission: Our Corporation is directed to clients that value honesty, transparency, and that appreciate excellence; surpassing their expectations, through our flight services, maintenance, equipment, and highly qualified personnel, making an emphasis in security and personalized attention.
  • Our Vision: To be the best option in personalized air services and in helicopter maintenance in any region in which we operate.









  • Integrity: Trust and transparency are essential to us. Our words are coherent with our actions. We accept and acknowledge our mistakes..
  • Relationships: We create and cultivate long-term relationships; we have a true interest in each and every person we meet.
  • Feeling of Belonging: We are a family that looks after the well being of everyone, providing a welcoming atmosphere at all times.









  • Corporate governance: We offer reliable work, contribute to the environment, and we support the Guatemalan childhood.
  • Respect: We show respect for our teammates and acting always in a proper way, value their opinions and observations even when their points of view differ from ours.
  • Teamwork: We are committed to providing quality service and close attention to our internal and external clients in order to achieve our common objectives.