Our Social Responsibility




The Helicópteros de Guatemala Corporation believes in the development of the Guatemalan childhood, and in the potential of men and women, therefore our objective is to get involved in unifying efforts and making a change in the history of Guatemala. Since the beginning of the Fundación Manuel y Concha Ralda and the DAR La Trinidad project, we have supported families living in extreme poverty in the Ocosito Village, Retalhuleu who have limited access to formal education and values education for their children.


This foundation has dedicated itself to providing these families with a decent life, with personalized attention in high-level education, healthcare, nutrition, psychology, and community development to have wholesome, educated people that aspire for growth in their personal lives.


Every year Helicópteros de Guatemala Corporation organizes  a Golf Tournament as fund raiser for this foundation.



Golf Tournament 2015 a benefit of DAR Beneficence Alas por un Sueño HDG host for DAR children


Our Corporation supports the development of Guatemalan children.
To support a child you can go to and join DAR.